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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Order a Shooting

As photographers, we are in charge of and responsiple for everything that happens on a photo shoot. We plan the shoot.We prepare for the shoot. We clean up after the shoot. Then we begin the process of retouching and distribution. Thers a lot more to do and remember each  time we have a photo shoot with you.

I Really Want The Team To Stay Until The End Of My Wedding, Will You

Of course! our packages include capturing your day from the beginning to the end.

Whats Our Style

Well, we describe our style to be as "Easy  Beautiful"!  Seriously though, our images reflect more love of clean composition, beautiful light, thats  helps you to look naturally gorgeous!  There is a delicate balance of knowing when to stay back and capture the action that unfolds or when to step in and take advantage of magikvisual sensation.